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Dan Goldie (USA)

Former World #27 - Wimbledon men's singles quarterfinals in 1989 - NCAA Singles Champion - 4 ATP titles. »»» "Sergetti stringing makes a noticeable difference in how well I play and how much I enjoy playing. The strings generate more...
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Hélène Pelletier (CAN)

12 times national champion in Canada, the round of 16 at Roland Garros in ladies doubles, part of the Fed Cup team and played in the WTA Masters for the top 8 ladies doubles teams in the world.»»» "I am...
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Marcus Willis

Marcus Willis (GBR)

No. 407 ATP world ranking - THE BEST TENNIS STORY OF 2016! »»» "The Sergetti technology has added speed to my serve and a better sense of feel and control to my all court game...
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Matt Smith and Marcus Willis

Matt Smith (GBR)

Head Performance Coach - Bromley Tennis Centre, UK . Matt has worked with Marcus Willis (ATP No. 322) and Neil Pauffley (ATP No. 406). »»» "I always advise my players to use SERGETTI restringing...
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Neil Pauffley (GBR)

Best ATP World Ranking: No. 406 »»» "The Sergetti technology has improved speed and power in my game, which will enable me to play more aggressively and provide more feel when under pressure...
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Adam Lownsbrough (GBR)

WTA Tour Coach and founder of the Advantage Tennis Team. He has worked with Anastasia Pavlychenkova, WTA No.15 »»» "When I first tried SERGETTI, the increased sweet spot potential was something that...
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Mike Newbound

Mike Newbound (AUS)

Professional Racquet Stringer for 40 years.»»» "I have now restrung my racket using Sergetti at a tension of 50 lbs with synthetic gut and it plays so much better its not funny, absolutely wonderful!"
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Pedro Ortega

Pedro Ortega (BRA)

Former No.1 ranked player for Under 18’s in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Pedro won the Economiadas University tournament 5 times in the period 2008 – 2012. »»» "SERGETTI technology brought more power and...
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Fredéric Niemeyer

Frédéric Niemeyer (CAN)

Reached No.134 in ATP World Rankings - Davis Cup Member - Former No.1 in Canada »»» "There is certainly a big difference between the normal stringing and Sergetti. It doesn't take long to see the...
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ITF Futures Player »»» "I have found the Sergetti stringing technology really beneficial in providing a much bigger sweet spot and consequently a lot more power and control. I look forward to...
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ITF Futures Player »»» "I have just recently started using Sergetti stringing technology and it has improved my game so much already. I feel like I have got more control on the on the ball which helps give me more....
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Philippe Pourreaux (CAN)

Ranked top 10 in the world 35+ in singles and top 5 in doubles in 2014 - Member of the Canadian Team 35+ from 2013 to 2017 - Sergetti Player since 2014. »»» "The Sergetti stringing process had a big...
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Dave Earl (GBR)

Head Coach of Boom Tennis at Redhill LTC (United Kingdom) and Surrey Coach of the Year 2017. »»» "Sergetti gives all our players from club session to competing ITF level a better touch, more speed and...
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Lottie Howard 1

Charlotte Howard (GBR)

LTA Rating 3.2 »»» "Sergetti's stringing technology has given me more confidence and reliability in my shots. As an aggressive baseliner, the bigger sweet spot helps me with...
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Phoebe Suthers_01

Phoebe Suthers (GBR)

She is 14 and represents Great Britain at deaf tennis both juniors and adults. She also plays hearing tennis and won a number of competitions at under 14, 16 and 18. »»» "My game is much more accurate and I'm...
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Robert Jackson GBR

Robert Jackson (GBR)

ERSA Master Racquet Technician and Head Stringer for the National Premier Tennis League. »»» "I recommend the Sergetti method to all of my clients, there is a clear increase in the area known as the...
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Sam Rayner 4

Sam Rayner (GBR)

15 year old from Pershore Tennis Centre in Worcestershire. »»» "Since I have been using the Sergetti stringing method I have loved how my strings feel when I play. I have definitely felt...
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Irvin Fuchs (USA)

40 years of experience in Stringing, talks about Sergetti.»»» “I found that stringing with the Sergetti method was pretty easy. Seems like playing with a Sergetti strung racket makes a good string feel like a better string...
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Garth Hunt (GER)

Club player and stringer using a Drop weight stringing machine, is amazed by SERGETTI technology. »»» Sergetti stringing process made the sweet spot so much larger that even my off-centre hits came off ...
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Gilles Robitaille

Gilles Robitaille (CAN)

Former No.4 in Canada, 40's and No.1 in Quebec 35, 40 and 45's. Level 2 Coach certified by Tennis Canada. »»» " This invention of a Quebecer is as big as the inventor of the Tilteleist Pro V1 golf balls...
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Coleman Bonny

Coleman Bonny (CAN)

Head Pro for 40 years - Montreal, Canada »»» "An important change when using SERGETTI strung racquets is the ability to play with a looser grip without the racquet turning in your hand on off center shots...
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Peter Masters

Peter Masters (GBR)

LTA Level 4 Coach, ITF Seniors Tournament Player, UKRSA Certified Stringer, ERSA and IART Member »»» "I love the sense of stability it gives me on off centre hits. My tennis elbow has also benefitted...
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Ghislain Ménard (CAN)

Gold Medalist at the WPFG (World Police and Fire Games), North America 2016 »»» "I immediatly felt a better control of my shots as well as more power generation for all my..."
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Nick Gray (GBR)

Coach at Surbiton RFC and lead coach at Esher LTC. Player within Surbiton Men's team in senior 40+ national singles and doubles. »»» "I feel the stringing provide good feel and give me confidence to...
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Thomas Georgiou (GBR)

Thomas trains at The Surbiton Tennis Academy in the UK. »»» "The Sergetti technology has helped and improved my game loads. The bigger sweet spot allows me to hit a cleaner ball every...
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Max Relic (SRB)

Max Relic (SERBIA) is currently training at The Surbiton RFC Tennis Academy in the UK.»»» "I have been able to hit the ball harder with more control allowing my game to progress and...
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Thomas Naylor

Thomas Naylor (GBR)

Currently ranked 59 in the UK for U12, and 4 for his county Yorkshire. »»» " I really like the feel of my racquet with its personalised Sergetti string tensions. I think that I get more...
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Cary Wilson

Cary Wilson (CAN)

Singles Rankings, 55’s (April 2017): Canadian: No.2, Quebec: No.1 – Double Rankings, 40’s (April 2017): Canadian: No.4, Quebec: No.1 »»» "From the start I noticed the stability and the larger sweet spot...
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Kevin Rascher

Kevin Rascher (RSA)

Former Nationally ranked player and now coaching, South Africa »»» "The first time I tried out SERGETTI I noticed an immediate increase in power and spin on my serve without losing any control...
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Tiffany William

Tiffany William (GBR)

ITF player, United Kingdom »»» "I love this new technology. I feel I have a much more powerful ball strike without the strain on my arm. And also in contrast it allows me to feel the ball more on the...
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Sam Bossem

Sam Bossem (GBR)

15 years old, LTA Rating 3.2 - Currently training at the AllHeart Tennis Academy, Huddersfield. »»» "I have experienced an improvement in my quality of ball striking with more power and control...
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Patric Sachetelli

Patric Sachetelli (CAN)

Singles Rankings, 40's (Apr. 2017): ITF- No.48, Canadian: No.7, Quebec: No.1 - Double Rankings, 40's (Apr. 2017): ITF- No.41, Canadian: No.4 »»» "I must admit that I am impressed by the Sergetti...
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Richard Viau

Richard Viau (CAN)

Member of the Canadian team at the World Veterans in 2014 in Florida then No.1 in Quebec singles and doubles and No.1 in doubles in Canada and No.4 in singles 55 and over. »»» "My feeling was very good...
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Geoff Moore (CAN)

Former Top 10 in Canada for 3 years in the veterans 35+, and Provincial winner in doubles 50+, 2017. »»» "I felt the ball really well and I attribute this in part to the confidence I have using Sergetti. I...
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Teone Aldridge (New Zealand)

Has a LTA rating of 7.1 and plays competitive tennis for Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club. »»» " I real appreciate the stability on the off centre hits...
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Don Brewer (USA)

Home-based stringer and experimented tennis player. »»» "I've been using your method your method on numerous rackets with GREAT results and everyone has noticed a remarkable difference in how their racket...
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Irfan Janmohamed GBR

Irfan Janmohamed (GBR)

Average club player »»» "Can honestly say that my racket is so much more forgiving now and also allows me to...
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Norma Walley

Norma Walley (IRL)

Club player at Surbiton RFC (Racket & Fitness Club), UK »»» "I feel that my game has improved with Sergetti stringing. I have more power with the...
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Rob Karn (GBR)

Club standard player playing in and around SW London »»» "With more chance of hitting the sweet spot on my racket then more of my shots have the power and spin that I’m trying to get which adds up to...
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Ollie Hong

Ollie Hong (GBR)

LTA 2.1 rated player and LTA Level 1 Coach »»» "I have noticed an incredibly significant change in how my racket performs from conventional stringing. Hitting feels crisper, more lively, due to the better...
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Yann Mathieu

Yann Mathieu (CAN)

Reached No.20 in World Rankings in Wheelchair and is now retired and coaches »»» "The difference with Sergetti is that I have more control, more precision and more power, even for high balls and...
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David Thompson

David Thomson (CAN)

Former No. 1 in Canada - 65's »»» "I have found that the Sergetti string system gives much more consistency and fewer what I call fliers, it’s much more stable. This is what sets the Sergetti string system heads...
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Bobbi Umar (GBR)

Bobbi is currently training at The AllHeart Tennis Academy at Huddersfield LTC (UK) »»» "I love using the SERGETTI stringing technology, it’s absolutely amazing! I definitely have more control and...
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