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Don Brewer (USA)


DonBrewer_Stringer-300x266 Don Brewer (USA)  tennis string tension

Home-based stringer and experimented tennis player

I’ve been using your method on numerous rackets with GREAT results and everyone has noticed a remarkable difference in how their racket plays. As someone who strings rackets as a hobby I just purchase the sheets because I know that I’ll have repeat business and get some word of mouth advertising since most people have no knowledge of different ways to string rackets to improve performance.

I have been telling everyone I come across about your system including other people that string rackets. Your system works and I will keep spreading the word. Every racket that I have strung using your system has had wonderful feedback from the players once they use the racket. I played doubles yesterday and I always have rackets strung with your system in my bag so I was letting other players try the rackets and they were amazed and surprised how the rackets played. I NEED to take 2 of the same rackets and string one traditional and one with your method to really show the difference (this is on my to do list).

We spend 6 months in Arizona and 6 months in Minnesota. Once we return to Minnesota in May I will start spreading the word letting players there know about your system!”

Thanks again,

Don Brewer