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Garth Hunt (GER)


GarthHunt_web-300x291 Garth Hunt (GER)  tennis string tension

Club player and stringer using a Drop weight stringing machine, is amazed by SERGETTI technology

His 2nd feedback/testimonial (April 8, 2019)

His feedback was sent to us by Email and was following our Sergetti Service Email confirming the addition (in our database) of a new racquet model that Garth has requested.

Hi Serge,

Thank you for setting this up for me.

I am able to play with a greater range of rackets because now thanks to Sergetti keeping my tennis elbow in remission.
I even tried stringing 2 identical rackets, one conventional and 1 sergetti method, just to observe the difference, and my elbow was sore that night.
I play with the Sergetti one all the time at the same tension, so I know for sure that it was the conventionally strung racket.
It’s the off-centre shots that make the difference, and even Roger Federer does those.

I still struggle to understand the logic of people…they trial dozens of rackets and strings, looking for tiny improvements, and don’t spend $30 on something that makes a huge difference – the stringing configuration.

Oh well, I’m very grateful and I will spread the word to everyone that I can.

I hope that you and your family are well.

Thank you again.



First feedback after trying Sergetti (November 22, 2017)

” I strung my 1st racket last night using Sergetti. Strung it on my drop weight machine…no problem at all…changing the tensions actually made the whole process more interesting.

 I finally got to try my Sergetti strung racket last night at our local doubles tennis comp.

I have never played that good in my life!

I aced our top player twice in one game and his partner once in the same game.

It didn’t feel “lucky” either…the ball went right where I was aiming.

I consistently hit deep with several balls dropping inside the baseline.

I played another player, several times last night, who is slightly better than me, and I was playing noticeably better than he was.

Here’s the interesting thing – our coach marks a “M” on the tennis balls with a red marking pen (he later reuses these balls for coaching). When I was between games, I noticed red marks spread out all over my white strings – I actually hadn’t been hitting the balls that well.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Sergetti stringing process made the sweet spot so much larger that even my off-centre hits came off the racket like I had made perfect contact.

I am amazed and grateful for all of your help.

I will tell as many people as I can – starting with the player who is slightly better than me (I felt like I was cheating).

Oh, and for the first time in months I don’t have tennis elbow!

And I played the whole night with a full Poly setup (I normally switch to multi main/poly cross after about 3 service games because my arm aches).

I’m normally pretty sore this morning, but I feel absolutely no pain at all.


Thanks again Serge.”