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Frédéric Niemeyer (CAN)

Niemeyer Frédéric Niemeyer (CAN)  tennis string tension

Reached No. 134 in ATP World Rankings – Davis Cup Member – Former #1 in Canada

“There is certainly a big difference between the normal stringing and Sergetti. It doesn’t take long to see the difference and it’s very easy to adapt. It’s even hard to go back to the normal stringing after using Sergetti.

After playing with Sergetti for a few months now, I decided to try a racket strung “normally” again to see if I would see a difference. I didn’t have to hit for long before I noticed that the racket was a lot less stable. The ball was also going all over the place having a lot less control. I really had to hit it perfectly to see that my ball was going where I wanted it to go.

When I play with Sergetti, the less center hits are a lot more forgiving. So it made me realize that the difference between a racket strung the Sergetti way and a standard one is REAL!!!”