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Mike Newbound (AUS)


Mike-Newbound-268x300 Mike Newbound (AUS)  tennis string tension

Professional Racquet Stringer for 40 years

Mike Newbound has strung racquets at: Australian Open 6 times – Australian Hardcourt Championship 30 years – Brisbane international 9 years – Wimbledon 2 years – Australian Davis Cup 6 times – Australian Federation Cup 1 year – Rio International 9 years – World Tennis Challenge 7 years

“I first saw a similar stringing system well back in the 90 s when a lad called Roger Federer was in Adelaide with his coach Peter Carter who was from Adelaide. I remember thinking ‘what is this system?’ and how long it took to complete

I am currently using Sergetti system as I have damaged my shoulder and although it came out a bit tight I am happy with the performance of the racquet and more importantly the string tension has held. After 6 months of playing in pain I have been able to hit for 1 hour with no Pain, I am over the moon. I have a Prince 100 tour 16×18 and strung at 52 with Gosen Multi TX 1.25 the DT was 35 and now after 4 weeks of hitting it reads 31.

I have now restrung my racket using Sergetti at a tension of 50 lbs with synthetic gut and it plays so much better its not funny, absolutely wonderful!

The down side of this system is in tournament stringing as it takes a little more time to string, but then if that’s what the player is paying for then so be it”

Mike Newbound,

MRT (Master Racquet Technician)