Project Description

Patric Sachetelli (CAN)

Patric-Sachetelli Patric Sachetelli (CAN)  tennis string tension

Singles Rankings, 40’s (April 2017): ITF- No.48, Canadian: No.7, Quebec: No.1   –    Double Rankings, 40’s (April 2017): ITF- No.41, Canadian: No.4

“I must admit that I am impressed by the Sergetti method. Here is what I noticed from the first shots:

– Best feeling of the ball ” pocketing ”.

– Stability of the racquet head, therefore less torsion in general.

And for the first time, I found back my sensations on my backhand. The bigger sweet spot was really welcome.

I thought I had to adapt to this method and finally, it only enhances my sensations and this, on the first try.

I play with a pro staff 97 and I feel like this racket has a quite small sweet spot . Your method has greatly increased this deficient part of this racket.

Congratulations, a great product! “