Project Description

Gilles Robitaille (CAN)


Former No.4 in Canada, 40’s and No.1 in Quebec 35, 40 and 45’s. Winner of several titles at the WPFG (World Police Fire Game). Coach level 2 certified by Tennis Canada. Tennis coach since 10 years.

” This invention of a Quebecer is as big as the inventor of the Tilteleist Pro V1 golf balls which revolutionized the world of golf; increased distance on drives and absolute control with wedges.

The SERGETTI tennis racket stringing process gives us an incredible feeling on the ball. The tension really lasts longer and also has the quality of keeping the same tension much longer.

The off-center shots give much more control and power with the enlarged sweetspot. When I tried this process, I felt a very special feeling from the first ball hit, what a feeling of control.

I’ve been playing tennis for 40 years, doing several provincial, national and international tournaments, and it’s only a matter of time before this process becomes universal in the world.”