Project Description

Fernando Abad (CAN)


Fernando_Abad-288x300 Fernando Abad (CAN)  tennis string tension

49 years old, Advanced (5.0) in a competitive level. Club player at Baie-D’Urfé Tennis Club, Montreal, Qc, Canada

« Had a heavy-hitting session yesterday with a high-caliber player. The feeling I had when hitting was on point. Smooth, crisp and powerful

A boost of confidence for my game knowing i have 100% feeling and control of my racket.

In my experience, there is a before and after using the Sergetti stringing system. Coming back from a tennis elbow injury, I started using this technology on my rackets.

The minute you hit the ball you could feel the difference immediately. That crispy feeling you have when hitting the ball on the sweet spot every time is a constant reminder during the game. »