Project Description

From_Tennis-NZ_Sur-FB-253x300 Rubin Statham (NZL)  tennis string tension

New Zealand #1, ranked 776 in the world after losing his injury protected ranking. He has a career high of 279 from 2013.

Rubin is best known for his win over the world number 23, Hyeon Chung from South Korea at the ASB Classic in 2019.

Recently, on March 5, 2022, at the Davis Cup in Las Vegas, Rubin, at 34-year-old, has done an outstanding performance when he stunned former world number 19 Pablo Cuevas to give New Zealand a 3-1 victory against Uruguay:

He is also the Founder of the Pro-Stringer, the World’s Best Portable Electronic Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine:

Rubin’s words after playtesting Sergetti:

Well, after many years of stringing i would like to admit i have been doing it all wrong!

I have been testing your method in practice and at two pro level matches and the results are clear.

Pleasure to use your method of stringing and thank you for the performance benefits.

I’m a believer and excited to work together with you and our team to have all our current and future Pro Stringer users applying your method to their games. 

Fantastic stuff.