Project Description

Geoff Moore (CAN)


Former Top 10 in Canada for 3 years in the veterans 35+, and Provincial winner in doubles 50+, 2017

“I have been a big fan and user of the Sergetti stringing method since receiving it as a gift from a group of tennis friends during a surprise birthday party a couple of years ago.

During my recent Quebec Provincial 50+ Doubles Championship, I hit about a half dozen topspin lob winners in the finals – I felt the ball really well and I attribute this in part to the confidence I have using Sergetti. I have had tennis elbow on a few occasions, and I do believe that the bigger sweetspot produced by the stringing pattern is also less difficult on my arm.

Having been an entrepreneur before, I am a huge admirer of people who pour their heart and soul into a business, trying to meet the very difficult challenge of delivering a new product or service that will capture the demand of a large number of customers. I think Serge Thibodeau has really accomplished something for the game of tennis with a unique product and I have no hesitation in recommending that players of all ages and all levels try it out. It is an inexpensive way to invest in an improved tennis experience.”