Project Description

Rolf-Michael Mueller (GER)


ROLF_MICHAEL_MUELLER-300x235 Rolf-Michael Mueller (GER)  tennis string tension

Professional stringer in Germany and convinced by the Sergetti method

“I string tennis rackets on the most modern machines and I am constantly developing myself further.

Through my human network and the internet I am always looking for innovations that can be used successfully by my players.

This is how I became aware of Sergetti. Shortly afterwards, the ERSA (European Racket Stringers Association) also started to deal with it.

I am a Master Professional Stringer according to ERSA.

After intensive tests with players ranging from professional to recreational players, I can say today that the Sergetti method keeps what it promises.

The sweetspot is much bigger, speed and control are excellent and the durability is outstanding.

Besides racquets, strings and stringing machine technology, Sergetti is therefore the next logical step to take the players’ most valuable equipment to the next level.

The stringing is simple like a normal hybrid. Most of my players won’t go without it anymore.

We will continue with the Sergetti Method and spread it here in Germany.

Best regards,
RoMi. “