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Thomas Naylor (GBR)


Thomas-Naylor-300x239 Thomas Naylor (GBR)  tennis string tension

Currently ranked 59 in the UK for U12, and 4 for his county Yorkshire

Thomas trains at The AllHeart Tennis Academy in Huddersfield under the guidance of coach Matt Smit, he is currently ranked 59 in the UK for U12 and 4 for his county Yorkshire. Here is what he has to say about Sergetti.

‘I really like the feel of my racquet with its personalised Sergetti string tensions.  I think that I get more spin on the ball and another thing I have noticed is that when I don’t hit the ball in the middle I still get a good strike.

My dad has noticed that the strings don’t break as quickly which he seems to be pleased about.  I would recommend them to any junior player wanting to improve how they hit the ball.’