For some, tennis is a hobby. For others, it’s a profession. But for most players, it’s a passion. When we do something we love, our goal is to get better at it and, sometimes, we even strive for excellence. Sergetti’s stringing technology is designed to help you meet your goals in no time.

Technology Inspired by Athletes’ Needs

How many people can honestly say that they’ve never blamed their racquet for an injury or defeat? No one. Though we didn’t conduct a formal study to get a real answer to this question, we can safely say that racquets play an essential role in any tennis game.

With this in mind, we decided to put all our efforts into developing a technology that can significantly improve the performance of any tennis racquet.

Here’s how our technology will make you more performant, your game more enjoyable and your tennis career last as long as possible.

  • Thanks to Sergetti’s stringing process, the surface of your racquet’s sweet spot—the optimal area of impact on your tennis racquet—will jump from 12% to 70%! Impressive, isn’t it?
  • We significantly improve your racquet’s stability and hits while reducing vibrations, torsions and shock upon impact. Thanks to Sergetti’s stringing process, you’ll feel more efficient, more comfortable and less tired. There’s no doubt that your muscles and joints will thank you for it! If you’d like to find out more about how to prevent common tennis injuries, we’ve written a whole article on the subject—feel free to take a look.

The Figures Behind our Stringing Process: 12 Years, 50 Variables, 1360 Models

After 12 years of intensive yet successful research, we came up with a unique and reliable stringing technology. The success of our product has even been confirmed by the independent, renowned and reputable firm Exova.

Also, Sergetti’s stringing algorithm takes over 50 variables into account to optimize the sweet spot’s format. This is particularly interesting, especially since a large sweet spot is one of the most sought-after stringing elements!

Unlike other techniques, every string has a unique tension, which is calculated using 50 variables, including the racquet’s characteristics, surface, shape, pattern, etc. Every time a string is pulled, the string tension calculator considers the strings that were pulled before and those that will be pulled afterwards. The string tensions are counterbalanced to configure the optimal sweet spot.

As a result, torsion upon impact is reduced to a minimum, and you’ll see your game abilities improve significantly and rapidly!

So what will you get from your purchase? Sergetti will provide you with a personalized tension sheet, which is a personalized recipe based on your racquet and string(s) brand and model, and on usual tension. The tension sheet therefore contains all the different unique tensions for each string, calculated using Sergetti’s algorithms.

Our Sergetti database already includes the distinctive features of over 650 racquet models, and around the same number of stringing models. Should your racquet or stringing not feature on our list, simply make an add equipment request (on our web site) and we will update our database.

You, Your Raquet, Your Strings + Your Sergetti Sheet = a Better Game

It’s as simple as that. Despite the complex and research-heavy nature of our stringing process, it’s really easy to enjoy its benefits. You just need to go online and tell us about your racquet, as well as your string(s) and tension. Your personalized Sergetti stringing recipe will then be sent to you in PDF file by email. All you have to do is print it, take it to your stringer, and that’s it!

Your stringer will simply need to follow the easy instructions on your personalized sheet and the results of those 12 years of research and development will be all yours to enjoy!

And guess what? You’re not the only one who’s interested in our stringing process. Here are a few testimonials from famous tennis players all around the world that chose Sergetti’s stringing technology.