An elbow injury forced Novak Djokovic to put an end to his season. Juan Martín del Potro endured a wrist injury for several years. It’s true: despite their state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated training methods, even the world’s greatest tennis players are vulnerable to twists and sprains of all kinds while on the court. Read on to find out how the Sergetti stringing process helps reduce the risk of common tennis injuries.


Common tennis injuries affect even the youngest of players

It’s certainly concerning, if not downright distressing, to see young players injure themselves while playing their favourite sport. For instance, at barely 17 years of age, the talented Félix Auger-Aliassime was forced to withdraw from four tournaments, including the Rogers Cup, after injuring his left wrist (read this SportsNet article for the whole story). One of the solutions to this type of situation rests, among others, in the use of a racquet that’s strung to perfection.


The Sergetti stringing process was scientifically tested by the world-renowned firm Exova and found to help prevent common tennis injuries, regardless of the size of the player’s racquet head.


The benefits of Sergetti stringing: reduced vibrations and much, much more!

Sergetti’s technology allows players to enjoy a level of comfort on the court that’s second to none thanks to a marked reduction of undesirable vibrations—a leading cause of common tennis injuries. What’s more, by improving the stability of off-centre hits and decreasing torsion and shock upon impact, the Sergetti process reduces fatigue in players of all ages and all calibres.


It’s a simple equation: less fatigue + better stability = fewer injuries! Visit our website to find out more about the stunning features of this revolutionary method.


Sergetti technology featured on the renowned

In July,, the reference site for all things tennis, showcased the features and benefits of the Sergetti stringing process in an article titled This Just In: New Arrivals at the Pro Shop. The write-up also discusses various high-tech pain relief devices for tennis players, namely the LumiWave and TheraGun. An interesting read!


Request your personalized tension sheet and watch your game reach new heights!

To take advantage of the numerous benefits of the Sergetti stringing process—including a larger sweet spot—order your affordable personalized tension sheet. When it comes to reducing common injuries, fatigue and pain on the tennis court, you deserve the very best: a racquet enhanced by Sergetti’s revolutionary stringing method.


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