“I found that stringing with the Sergetti method was pretty easy. No special procedures required for stringing, always following manufacturer’s recommended practices, no looking up stringing patterns, and no looking up string length. It took me maybe 1-2 minutes longer to string my first time using an electronic constant pull machine.

I’ve strung several rackets now using the Sergetti method and each time after stringing when I dismount the racket from my 6-point machine, it is very easy to take off and is always the proper length. This tells me the racket is not being distorted in the stringing process.

After stringing my first racket with Sergetti, I felt as though the playing experience just felt better than normal. Seems like playing with a Sergetti strung racket makes a good string feel like a better string. After playing with a completely different racket strung with the Sergetti method and have the same experiences I purchased the method for my wife’s racket.

I’ve now strung rackets for some of my friends and they’ve come back telling me they really like the Sergetti strung frames better. To me that means if I can take just a few extra minutes to string a frame better than my competitor I’ll get more business.

Watch the Sergetti Stringing playlist from Irvin Fuchs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPxi_XJZSpH_FTfmHX9YT7aQEnZNa2Lah


“I got into stringing tennis racket in 1978. When my sons were teenagers I would string 10-15 rackets a week. Friends also requested I String for them. They liked my work and told their friends and it did not take long before I was stringing an average of 25 racket a week or more.

It seems like the more rackets I strung the more issues I ran into and I had to find a solution for those issues. About 10 years ago I joined TW Talk Tennis and find a lot of answers for my issues from other members on the forum. I was also able to share my experiences with other members on the forum.

Then I got the idea to record videos so I could share my knowledge with other stringers on YouTube as Mr10sStringer around the world. To date I have almost 2000 subscribers watching my videos and asking my questions about stringing all the time.”

Link to all stringing videos of Irvin: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mr10sStringer/videos

See below the Sergetti Personal tension sheet video: