logo-ersa-e1515787117566 ERSA UK (European Racquet Stringers Association – United Kingdom) approves and endorses Sergetti’s stringing process and offers it to its members  tennis string tension



ERSA UK—the British division of the European Racquet Stringers Association, behind which are some of the biggest names in the tennis industry—, has just confirmed that it endorses Sergetti’s technology.

This news has just strengthened the reputation of the Quebec (CAN) company as a leader in the stringing technology industry.

It comes as no surprise that the scientifically-proven Sergetti stringing process, developed by Serge Thibodeau, has caught the eye of the ERSA’s UK division.

This technology, which came about after twelve years of research and development, benefits tennis players in a variety of ways:

  • The sweet spot zone grows from 12% to 70%, thus increasing the margin of error;
  • Off-center hits become more stable;
  • The racquet feels more comfortable;
  • Less vibration, torsion and shock transmission, meaning fewer injuries.

Not only does this technology improve players’ performance, but it’s also easy for stringers to use: with a single tension sheet, stringers can help their clients enjoy the advantages of the Sergetti technology.

As announced by ERSA UK last December, Sergetti is pleased to offer a discount price to members of the UK association so they can try the stringing process technology and propose it to their clients.

Find out more about the advantages of the Sergetti technology.

If you are a member of the ERSA, please login to the ERSA website for further details.