Stringing a tennis racquet to its FULL POTENTIAL is more than a technique; it’s a science. We’ve known this for a long time here at Sergetti, which is why we decided to develop our own signature stringing process—a world exclusive—to enhance your performance on the court. Plus, we’ve made it simple for your regular stringer to apply the process to your current racquet, hassle-free.

How does Sergetti tennis racquet stringing work?

Because the stringing sequence is exactly the same as that of a conventional hybrid stringing, any stringer, professional or not, can easily string your tennis racquet according to the Sergetti method. What’s more, this simple six-step stringing process doesn’t take more than a few extra minutes to accomplish on an electronic stringing machine.

Is it really that simple? You be the judge! See the Sergetti process in action in our series of informative videos produced by professional stringer Irvin Fuchs. Fuchs, who regularly shares insider tips and know-how with his 2,000+ YouTube subscribers, recently tested—and approved!—Sergetti’s personalized tension sheets.

And Mr. Fuchs is far from the only fan of Sergetti’s tennis racquet stringing technology, as you can see from our long list of local and international brand ambassadors.

Are you a tennis player?

Whether you play at a recreational or competitive level, the Sergetti technology is definitely right for you. Enhance your performance on the court just by having your tennis racquet strung differently, and at an affordable price to boot—what’s not to love?

Such advanced technology must be pretty complex, right? Wrong! You can upgrade your tennis racquet and enjoy all the benefits of Sergetti’s stringing process in three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the short order form on our website (you’ll be asked which type of string(s) and model of racquet you use) to purchase your personalized Sergetti tension sheet.
  2. Print your personalized tension sheet in PDF format and bring it to your stringer (don’t forget your racquet!).
  3. Have your racquet strung, and get ready to discover the countless benefits of the science of stringing developed by expert stringer and Sergetti founder, Serge Thibodeau.

Are you a tennis racquet stringer?

Your tennis racquet stringing skills and experience give you the power to make a difference in your clients’ performance on the court. Even better: you have the opportunity to contribute directly to the evolution and modernization of the fabulous sport that is tennis. Interested? Swing by our online Stringer’s corner to find out how you can offer the benefits of the Sergetti stringing process to your clients.

To find out more about the Sergetti stringing process, get in touch with us.

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