Not many sportspeople can say they’ve never had an injury, especially in tennis. Injuries are tricky to avoid and have even caused some of the world’s best tennis players to either put their career on hold or stop playing altogether.

Traumas can leave us with troublesome weak spots that can lead to long-term problems. One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to make sure your sporting gear is up to scratch. And in tennis, the first thing that springs to mind is…the racquet!

Sergetti can help you prevent injuries by taking care of your racquet and paying special attention to stringing. But first, let’s take a look at some of the most common injuries that affect tennis players.

Mind your wrists, elbows and shoulders!

Joint trauma is a common tennis injury. This is because vibrations from the racquet travel through the body into our joints.

Here are some of the most common injuries:

  • muscular trauma;
  • wrist tendonitis;
  • tennis elbow, otherwise known as epicondylitis;
  • shoulder tendonitis.

There are many factors that can cause the above injuries: a poor warm-up, repetitive movements, inadequate gear, to name a few. Throw in shocks, vibrations and torsions, and the body ends up enduring more than it can handle and eventually gives in. Game over.

At Sergetti, we know how to make your game not only more comfortable and efficient but also easier on your joints, frame and muscles. How? We’ve found an effective way to increase racquet stability while decreasing vibration at impact. We’ll give you a clue: everything boils down to the stringing, or rather the restringing process.

Prevent injuries with a good stringing technique

We mentioned earlier that shocks and vibrations—the main causes of injuries—enter the body through the frame of the racket. But when exactly does this happen? Every time the racquet hits the ball! And what does the ball hit? That’s right, the strings!

This simple observation led to the creation of Sergetti’s technology. We told ourselves that we could get around this problem by adding THE perfect amount of tension to each individual string. So that’s what we did. After 12 years of research, Sergetti’s stringing method was scientifically validated.

By adequately restringing a racquet, we really can reduce the risk of injuries. After all, the more stable your racquet, the less it vibrates.

It’s also worth mentioning the optimal sweet spot. By increasing the sweet spot zone from 12 to 70%, off-centre hits, which usually increase torsional stresses and vibrations, are considerably reduced. Compared to a conventional racquet, off-centre hits become three to five times more stable.

So, by making your racket more comfortable, Sergetti is able to reduce the risk of injuries while optimizing performance, regardless of your racquet’s model or strings!

Our top tips for preventing injuries

With adequate stringing and good habits, you’ll be able to prevent injuries to the greatest possible extent.

Before the game

Before leaping into a game of tennis, pay attention to your environment. Try to play on a well-maintained surface, and make sure there aren’t too many balls lying around—they could trip you up at any moment.

Next, warm up. If your muscles are cold, they’re more likely to tear!

Is it hot outside? Keep an eye on the weather and listen to your body. If you’re not used to playing in these conditions, it may be better to save your game for another time.

Too cold? Same thing. If the temperature isn’t just right, the chances of hurting yourself are high. Warm up for longer than usual and wear trousers while you get your muscles working.

After the game

When the match is over, be sure to stretch; this will help your muscle fibres return to their normal state. Careful not to stretch before playing—cold muscles really don’t like being stretched!

At all times

Keep yourself hydrated and watch out for any signs your body may send you before, during or after the game. Feel free to take breaks to catch your breath. If the conditions are right, you’ll not only avoid injuring yourself, but chances are, you’ll also have a more enjoyable game.

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