marcus-willis_2 Marcus Willis  tennis string tension

Name: Marcus Willis
Nationality: United Kingdom
Date of birth: 1990-10-09
Ranking: ATP #407

A prominent personality

Standing six-foot-three, with a provocative attitude, Marcus Willis has built quite a reputation as a rebel on the court during his first junior duels. Now a professional player, the left-handed, two-handed backhand player is recognized around the world for his accessibility to the public and his enthusiasm on the court. Since 2007, Willis has traveled the professional circuit and continues to stand out by attracting crowds and media, thanks to his exploits and his unique charisma.

Professional success on the court

Trained by British coach Matt Smith since 2013, he had his best ATP ranking on the professional circuit in 2014 of 322.

In 2016, when he was considering leaving the professional circuit to concentrate on training future generations, Willis, recently initiated to SERGETTI’S stringing process, saw his career take a new breath. The stars aligned and Willis, armed with his SERGETTI strung racquets, took advantage of an opening at the Wimbledon tournament. Against all expectations, he managed to make his way through the pre-qualifying rounds and then continued to surprise the Tennis planet by winning the three qualification rounds that followed. Then came another big feat when he won the first round of the main draw against the 54th player in the world. That lead to an unforgettable second round game on centre court where Willis “David”, 772nd in the world, was up against “Goliath” Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, then ranked 3rd in the world.

Ever since, Marcus Willis has been praising the merits of the SERGETTI stringing process and is now a company ambassador.